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How can I tell if the services are running?

How can I tell if the services are running?

If you believe the services or your transactions have stalled, then there are several ways to check if the services are running and that they are processing data;

  1. The most comprehensive way to check is to log in to the Directory Manager Web Portal and navigate to the ‘About Directory Manager’ page. You will see a table under each service that shows recent processes, these should be updating at regular intervals (30 seconds by default). If any of these have lasted longer than an hour they may need manual intervention from BDS Support. It’s possible that if one of your services is not running properly, there is a chance that it has stopped.
  2. If you think the services have stopped, you can review this by logging on to the Directory Manager server and loading the Services Management Console (Run services.msc) and check that all the BDS services are running.
  3. You can implement monitoring of the services and processes if you have a standard monitoring tool already in use at the trust. Please contact us for more information on recommended monitoring sensors and thresholds for Directory Manager.

If you still believe the services or transactions to be stuck, please contact the BDS Service Desk and we will take a look at why they are stuck and restart the services if necessary.

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