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Can I Change How the Weighting is Determined in System Matching?

Can I Change How the Weighting is Determined in System Matching?

In Directory Manager, the determination of weighting for system matching is primarily managed through different levels of matching. These levels provide various frameworks for assigning weights to different data points in the matching process.

Understanding Matching Levels:

  • Each level is designed to cater to specific matching requirements and data complexities.
  • The levels dictate how various data elements (names, ID numbers, etc.) are evaluated and weighted.

Customising Weighting:

  • Flexibility: While there’s some flexibility in selecting the appropriate matching level, the core principles of how weights are allocated remain consistent across levels.
  • Configuration: Changes to the weighting system are typically made through configuration adjustments at different matching levels.

Key Considerations:

  • System Integrity: Any alterations should be made cautiously, keeping in mind the overall integrity and accuracy of the matching process.
  • Technical Expertise: It is advisable to involve technical experts when considering changes to the matching levels to ensure optimal system performance.

For more detailed information on the different matching and customisation options levels, please refer to the Directory Manager documentation or contact our support team.

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