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How Does NHSMail Provisioning Work in Directory Manager?

How Does NHSMail Provisioning Work in Directory Manager?

NHSMail Provisioning within Directory Manager is managed through various transaction types, each capable of performing specific actions:


  • Creates an NHSMail account for a new user.
  • Marks a user as a ‘joiner’ if they were previously marked as a ‘leaver’ at a different trust.


  • Applies user policies to the NHSMail mailbox.
  • Creates a mailbox if one does not exist for the user.
  • Updates user’s job title and phone number.


  • Performs all the actions of a CHANGE transaction.
  • Additionally, updates the user’s first and last names and email address to ensure alignment with current records.


  • Removes policies from a user’s account.
  • Disables the mailbox or marks the user as a ‘leaver’ in the system.

Each transaction type is designed to handle specific aspects of NHSMail account management, ensuring smooth and accurate updates to user information and mailbox status. It’s important to select the appropriate transaction type based on the desired action and user status.

For further details on each transaction type, please refer to the Directory Manager documentation or contact support for guidance.

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