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How Can We Increase/Decrease the Amount of Matches in Directory Manager?

How Can We Increase/Decrease the Amount of Matches in Directory Manager?

In Directory Manager, the number of matches presented in the System Matching list is governed by the autolink score threshold. Adjusting this threshold is key to managing the volume of matches:

Understanding the Autolink Score Threshold:

  • Autolink Function: The autolink score threshold is a predetermined score that determines when a record is automatically linked without needing manual review.
  • Effect on Match Volume: Modifying this threshold impacts how many matches are presented for manual review in the System Matching list.

Adjusting Match Volume:

  • Increasing Matches: Decreasing the autolink score threshold will result in fewer records being automatically linked, thereby increasing the number of matches presented for manual review.
  • Decreasing Matches: Conversely, increasing the autolink score threshold will lead to more records being automatically linked, reducing the number of matches that require manual review, however, raising the potential for false positive matched records.


  • Balance: It’s crucial to find the right balance in setting this threshold to ensure efficient system functioning without overwhelming users with too many matches to review.
  • Testing and Evaluation: Any changes to the threshold should be tested and evaluated to understand their impact on the matching process.

Technical Note:

  • PDI Usage: Ensure that the term PDI (Personal Digital Identity) is used accurately in relation to the matching process. Use descriptors details to investigate if a match is valid.
  • Customisation: The threshold settings can be customised based on specific needs and the nature of the data being managed within the system.

For guidance on how to adjust the autolink score threshold and its implications, please consult the Directory Manager documentation or contact our support team.

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