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How can I check a PDI’s Matching History?

How can I check a PDI’s Matching History?

If you would like to see an audit of a PDI’s matching history you can do the following;

  1. Find the PDI you wish to check in the Digital Directory
  2. Click into the PDI to see the profile page
  3. At the bottom of the page click the ‘History’ button

A new window will open providing an audit of all records linked, unlinked and updated (this will not show what data has been updated, only that is has)

The columns in this view are;

  • Audit ID – The ID of the audit entry – send this to BDS support if you have any queries about an entry
  • PDI – The PDI of the user this audit record applies to
  • Source – The source of the audit, usually ADI, ESR, POR, CSV or PDI
  • System Identifier – The ID of the record in the source system, e.g. AD Guid, ESR PersonID etc.
  • Given Name – The users first name
  • Surname – The users last name
  • Date of Birth – The users date of birth
  • NI Number – the users NI Number
  • NHS Unique ID – The users NHS unique ID
  • Smartcard – The users smartcard number
  • Email – The users email address
  • Description – The type of audit record (System Link, System Unlink, System Change, System Update, Reassessment, PDI Update, Profile Update, Verification Level, Revocation, Rejection, Profile Removal,
  • Match ID – If the record was linked from System Matching, the Match ID will appear here
  • Approver – Who approved the update. This is the ID of the user that performed the action if a record is linked (manually via System Matching), unlinked, revoked or reassessed. It can also be the name of the built in DM function that performed the action of it was done automatically, for example PDI_PROC_DATA_MATCH or PDI_INSERT_DATA
  • Timestamp – When the action was performed
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