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How is the Weighting Determined in System Matching in Directory Manager?

How is the Weighting Determined in System Matching in Directory Manager?

In Directory Manager, the system matching process involves assigning scores to records to gauge the likelihood of a correct match with Personal Digital Identity (PDI) records. The scoring system is based on the following criteria:

  • PDI Key Match: 100 points
  • NINumber: 75 points
  • UUID: 75 points
  • NHS Unique ID: 75 points
  • Email Address: 50 points
  • Surname Full Match: 10 points
  • GivenName Full Match: 10 points
  • GivenName Character Pair Match: 1 point (e.g., ‘Pete’ compared to ‘Peter’ scores 3 points for ‘Pe’, ‘et’, ‘te’)
  • DoB Full Match: 10 points

Thresholds for Match Determination:

  • Partial Match Threshold: The record is considered a potential match if a score meets or exceeds this threshold.
  • Linking Threshold: A score meeting or surpassing this level results in automatic linking of the record.

Example Scenario:

In a system where:

  • Partial Match Threshold is 12
  • Linking Threshold is 23

And the Digital Directory contains:

  • GH7834 Pete Smith
  • KD1578 Paul Smith
  • DA1236 Peter Smith

When a new AD record for ‘Peter Smith’ is created without PDI Key, NINumber, or UUID, the system calculates:

  • GH7834 Pete Smith: Total Score = 13 (Partial Match)
  • KD1578 Paul Smith: Total Score = 10 (No Match)
  • DA1236 Peter Smith: Total Score = 20 (Partial Match)

GH7834 and DA1236 are recorded as partial matches as their scores are above the partial match threshold.

Key Takeaways:

  • The scoring system is integral to identifying potential and certain matches.
  • Understanding these scores and thresholds is crucial for effectively managing records within Directory Manager.

For more detailed explanations or assistance with the scoring system, please refer to the Directory Manager documentation or contact our support team.

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