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What is System Matching in Directory Manager?

What is System Matching in Directory Manager?

System Matching in Directory Manager acts as a digital assistant, streamlining the process of identifying and connecting records about individuals from various data sources, including ESR, Active Directory, CSV files, and the Portal. Its primary goal is determining whether different records represent the same person, enhancing data accuracy and reducing manual work.

How It Works

  • Data Comparison: The system analyses key details such as names, dates of birth, and special ID numbers (UUID, NHS Unique ID, National Insurance Number).
  • Scoring System:
    • Exact matches (like identical names or ID numbers) receive higher scores.
    • The system also recognises partial matches, such as similar but slightly misspelt names.
  • Custom Attributes: These are instance-specific tags that receive special consideration in the matching process.
  • Final Score: Determined by both fixed and custom attributes, this score dictates the next steps for each record.

Decision Thresholds

  • Matching Threshold: Indicates a potential match, but not with certainty. Records above this threshold and below the linking threshold require manual review.
  • Linking Threshold: When a record exceeds this threshold, the system confidently links it to an existing record, typically done automatically.

Special Cases

  • New User Identification: A record that doesn’t meet the matching threshold is considered a new user.
  • Manual Review: Under certain conditions, such as multiple potential matches exceeding the linking threshold, manual intervention may be required, even if the linking threshold is surpassed.

System Matching in Directory Manager is key to maintaining orderly and efficient data management, significantly reducing the likelihood of duplicate entries and ensuring accurate record linking.

For more detailed information on System Matching or specific use cases, please refer to the Directory Manager documentation or contact our support team.

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