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How can I see what rule a Transaction met?

How can I see what rule a Transaction met?

There are several ways to view the rule which a transaction met.

  1. Pending Transactions – In the left menu click “Pending Transactions”. Find the transaction by going into new, change, rename or expiry. In the list of transactions, find the transaction you require. The “Rule” column will show you the rule that a pending transaction met. Please Note that if your transaction is auto approved you will not be able to use this method.
  2. Recent Transactions – In the left menu click “Recent Transactions”. This lists all recently approved transactions over the past 24 hours. Each transaction is broken down into each technology type (AD, Groups, Exchange etc.). You will be able see what rule the transaction hit. This will also work for rules that are auto approved.
  3. Audit Information – In the left menu click “Audit Information”. In the search box, enter the full or partial name of the person you want to look for and click “Find”. On the right side of the results, click the “Transactions” link next to the person you want. A new window opens listing all the transactions for that person. This includes the rule that was applied.
  4. Configuration Client – The final way to see which rule your transaction met is to log on to the Directory Manager server and open the Directory Manager Config Client. From here navigate to Reporting -> Process Results. Here you will be able to search every transaction Directory Manager has ever processed grouped by user, you can search this on Surname, GivenName. Note that process results gives a far more detailed log of the transaction so this would be useful in investigating a potential error.

If you need any further assistance, please contact the BDS Service Desk.

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