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What are the Descriptors on a System Match?

What are the Descriptors on a System Match?

When performing system matching there are two separate areas of the matching screen. The top section will show the incoming record that is being compared to existing records. On the left are details of that incoming record. On the right there will be Descriptors of the incoming record.

Hovering over a PDI will display the Descriptors for that existing record. If there is more than one source it will be displayed as ‘XXX – Descriptor name’, where XXX is the 3 digit short code for the source.

ESR = Electronic Staff Record

ADI – Active Directory

CSV – Comma separated Values 

POR – Portal

These descriptors are designed to assist you with making an informed decision when selecting the correct existing profile. The descriptors may also assist with confirming that none of the existing records are a match and in this scenario a new PDI (record) can be created using the buttons, again assuming you have the right permissions to perform this task.

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