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How do I edit a PDI Profile?

How do I edit a PDI Profile?

Once you have found the PDI you wish to edit in the Digital Directory, click into it and then at the bottom you will see the “Edit” button. This changes the profile from read-only mode to edit mode and the “Save” becomes enabled.


You can make any of the following changes;

  • Preferred First Name – This overrides First Name
  • Preferred Last Name – This overrides Last Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • DoB (Date of Birth)
  • NI Number (National Insurance Number)
  • NHS Unique ID
  • Smartcard
  • Profile Picture – Click the three dots (…) to select an image (Click here for more information on linking profile pictures [Link to FAQ on linking images])
  • Verification Level – Click here for more information on verification levels [Link to FAQ on verification levels]
  • Description – Add any test you like
  • Start Date – Overrides the primary linked record (usually ESR) with a specific start date which will remain until removed
  • End Date – Overrides the primary linked record (usually ESR) with a specific end date. This will update the AccountExpirationDate attribute in Active Directory and will remain until it is manually removed. Click here to learn more about overriding the AccountExpirationDate in AD

Once complete, click the “Save” button to apply the changes.

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