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What are Business Rules?

What are Business Rules?

Business Rules are the criteria a transaction has to meet to be applied to specified groups, OUs, unique configurations, or even have the transaction excluded or auto-approved.

Business rules are also split up amongst ‘New’, ‘Change’, ‘Rename’ and ‘Expiration’ transactions as well as the different standard technologies: Active Directory (User Management), Group Management (Active Directory Group Management), File Systems, Email and Azure

Examples (the possibilities are much bigger, this is just for illustration);

  • Active Directory
    • Exclude an AD account from being created or updated.
    • Create an AD account in a specific OU based on Department or Job Title.
    • Apply different attribute updates, passwords, or display name based on criteria specified, e.g. Data Source
  • Groups
    • Apply different groups based on Department of Job Role
    • Switch groups based on Department or Job Role
  • File Systems
    • Create a home folder in different storage locations based on the users surname
  • Email
    • Exclude an email address from being created if the domain name of an existing email address it that of the trusts
    • Create a email on different exchange servers or different mailstores depending on surname
  • Azure
    • Apply licences to different users based on criteria such as Department or Job Title

To discuss your requirements for rules, please contact the BDS Service Desk

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