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How Often Does the Matching Process Run in Directory Manager?

How Often Does the Matching Process Run in Directory Manager?

In Directory Manager, the Personal Digital Identity (PDI) Matching process is integral to maintaining and synchronising data. Understanding its frequency is crucial for effective system management.

Default Frequency Setting:

  • Regular Intervals: By default, the PDI Matching process is configured to run regularly throughout the day. This process is scheduled to run every 3 minutes, ensuring timely updates and matching of records.

Customisation Options:

  • Adjustable Frequency: While the default setting is every 3 minutes, this frequency can be adjusted to suit specific organisational needs.
  • System Requirements: The frequency may be influenced by the volume of data, system capabilities, and specific operational requirements.

Importance of the Frequency:

  • Timeliness: Regular matching ensures that records are kept up to date, facilitating efficient data management and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • System Performance: The frequency also balances the need for up-to-date information with the performance considerations of the system.

This understanding of the matching process frequency is designed to help technical users manage and anticipate the system’s behaviour effectively.

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