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How Do I Review a System Match in Directory Manager?

How Do I Review a System Match in Directory Manager?

Reviewing a system match in Directory Manager involves a few key steps:

  1. Locating the Match:
    1. Navigate to the System Matching Pages.
    2. Find and click on the ‘Match ID’ of the record you wish to review.
  2. Understanding the Match Overview:
    The overview page is divided into several sections:

    • Top Left: Displays details of the record you are matching.
    • Top Right: Shows additional information (descriptors) for the record.
    • Bottom Half: Presents potential matches.
      • Hovering over the ‘PDI’ (Personal Digital Identity) reveals an overview of that entry in the Digital Directory.
      • Hovering over the ‘weighting’ displays the rationale behind the weighting calculation for that record.
  3. Actioning the Match:
    You have four options to action a match:

    • Option 1: Link the record to an entry in the potential matches table using the ‘Link’ button.
    • Option 2: Reject the match, moving it to the rejected pile for potential future retrieval.
    • Option 3: Create a new PDI for the match, typically chosen if the record does not seem to match any potential entries.
    • Option 4: Manually select a PDI, used when certain that a record should link to a specific entry not listed in the matching column.

It’s important to review matches carefully to ensure accurate linking and record management. If in doubt, consult the Directory Manager documentation or reach out to support for guidance on specific cases.

For any further queries or assistance with system matching, please refer to our detailed user guide or contact our support team.

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