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Why has a new PDI automatically been created?

Why has a new PDI automatically been created?

When a new record comes into Directory Manager that is not linked to a PDI, it goes through an automated matching process to link it to an existing PDI if enough data matches between the various records for each source, e.g. ESR or AD etc. or if the record cannot be matched to an existing record automatically it will either;

  • Go into System Matching for you to manually assign it an existing PDI as the record has enough data to be considered a possible candidate to an existing PDI. You can also manually assign it to a new PDI


  • If it is unique enough that there is no matching data so a new PDI is automatically created

If a record gets linked to a new PDI that you know should have been linked to an existing PDI then;

  1. Go into the PDI by searching for it in the “Digital Directory”
  2. Click the “Unlink” button next to the record you want to unlink
  3. If the PDI now has no records linked, then revoke that PDI by clicking the “Revoke” button
  4. Wait for the record you just unlinked to appear in “System Matching”
  5. If after 30 minutes it has not appeared in System Matching, see if it has been automatically linked to a new PDI again
  6. If it has been linked again or it has not appeared in “System Matching” the please raise a support call with the BDS Service Desk
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