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How do I unlink records?

How do I unlink records?

The process for unlinking records depends on if you use the Digital Directory or not. please follow the instructions according the your DM implementation type.

Non-Digital Directory

There are 2 ways to unlink and AD record from another record if you are using the Non-Digital Directory version of DM,

  1. If there is a pending transaction, click the pending transaction’s Employee ID. Click ‘Unlink’ to remove the link. The pending transaction will be re-assessed. Note that this works for Change, Rename, and Expiry Transactions. If the button is labelled ‘Link’ instead of ‘Unlink’ ensure it is not a New Transaction, refresh the page and try again.
  2. If no pending transaction is available then first you will need to manually remove the Employee ID from the AD account. Once this is done, please contact the BDS Service Desk who can raise a call and finish the unlinking process.

Once the unlinking is complete, you can the get DM support to reassess the records and link it accordingly

Digital Directory

If you use Digital Directory, then the unlinking process is simple;

NOTE: As of v3.2.15, you can now move a record from one PDI to another without unlinking and going through the System Matching process. If you are on a version before v3.2.15 and would like to upgrade, please contact the BDS Service Desk.

  1. Go to the PDI where the record is incorrectly linked
  2. In the list of linked records, find the one that should not be linked and click the ‘Unlink’ button, or for v3.2.15 and above, click ‘Move’ then enter the PDI you wish to move the record to and click OK. This will move the record to the new PDI
  3. Wait for it to go back through the matching process. It will either auto-link to the correct PDI, automatically create a new PDI, or go into System Matching to be manually linked

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the BDS Service Desk

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