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What are Notifications?

What are notifications?

Notifications are emails that are sent to users, managers or Directory Manager admins based on the criteria of the database view that is behind the notification. They can be sent to any email address provided by the trust.

These can be things like when an account is created, to a monthly report of any changes to users as a CSV file. Any source of data that present unique records can be used as an event source for notifications – the possibilities are limitless.

Typically, notifications are often use to send details of;

  • New accounts such as the login, password and email address along with any attachments
  • Changes to an account such as a new Job Title
  • When an account gets renamed
  • When an account is due to expire or has expired
  • Reports of weekly / month account creations, changes, renames or expirations

If you would like a new notification set up, please contact the BDS Service Desk with your requirements.

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